Subject to the current inflation rate in Nigeria, Trevo corporate LLC had to review product prices and below is the current rate with effect from 1st July 2016.
Trevo Drink is sold at a Retail Price of N12,000 per bottle. With as little as #61,850.00, we are inviting you to be one of our members/¬distributors in Nigeria.
Trevo has recorded so many many health and financial testimony in less than two years in Nigeria. Trevo has produced 100 Millionaires in dollars who are just sharing about the wonderful job of trevo and also delivering the drink to people.
Trevo is a Billion dollar brand because if you put all the supplement together on earth Trevo has over 86 active ingredient in them because it has 174 healing fruits, vegetables, minerals and herbs and it took 16 years to give the world this wonderful product.
When you register with N38,150, the company gives you 3 bottles of Trevo Drink, a Starter Park and a free website.Trevo LLC rewards her members/¬distributors with 8 Streams of income!
•60% Retail Profit.
•40% Fast Start Bonus.
•20% Matching Bonus.
•Group Volume Commission.
•Bulk Pack Commission.
•Team Volume Recognition Pool Bonus.
•Leadership Bonuses.
•Charity Bonuses.
Health and Wealth flow from Trevo…
For more information , Products and Registration HOW TO JOIN TREVO IN NIGERIA
There are 5 Registration Packages in Trevo
1. POWER START SYSTEM (3 BOTTLES): $207.50 (#61,85050) ;
2. DIRECTOR POWER START SYSTEM (6 BOTTLES): $395.00 (#110,700) ;
4. EXECUTIVE POWER START SYSTEM (15 BOTTLES): $957.50 (#245,050) ;
Decide on any of the registration packages above to start your Trevo business.
I can be reached on 09052174342 my name is ONAZI HENRIETTA EHIOZOGIE
If you are interested in becoming a distributor you can visit any of our offices.
My details for registration when you are signing up are below because without this information the registration or buying of product will not be done. Its a check to product member of Trevo
Trevo sponsor ID :(CID : 4582236)
“If You Love helping people, Self-Growth, and Want to Create an EVER Increasing Amount of Prosperity in Life, ONAZI HENRIETTA EHIOZOGIE (Trevo Life, Wealth and Health Coach) is waiting here to help you get started quickly with a goal of helping you earn your first dollar check in your first month and qualifying for your car award in 90days with amazing and stress free strategies which has been duplicated in my network and today some of my team members are earning N2 Million monthly simply by helping other people to help themselves become Healthy and financially wise. Call Phone: 09052174342 Email –


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