Woman! Know thy self! Part4


Hope you all liked the previous episodes of this brief write up? Here is the final and concluding part of this topic which is so important to almost if not all women across the globe.

You see, marriage is not as bad as people portray it to be. It is exactly how you want it to be that’s how it’s going to be.

Woman! You have to be wise. A wise woman makes and builds her home while the foolish one destroys it. Be wise,be sensitive,be operational,be in charge without being a nuisance. stop stepping out of your boundaries. Learn to know when your man wants his alone time and when he doesn’t. You see in the bible, Eve stepped out of her boundaries by being where she came in contact with the serpent that tempted her into eating the forbidden fruit and encountered the problem of being banished from the garden of Eden instead of just staying quietly by the side of Adam. That is how it all began.

Woman! Do not mummy your husbands, he has a mother whether she’s dead or Live. He wanted a wife that’s why he married you. Ifhe requires you to be a mother to him he will let you know. Please let’s all stop challenging our husbands every last word. Make his words the final words. Let his words be looking to you,because his house,your home is his Republic, his empire and he decides how he wants to rule it not you. In case you haven’t noticed, men are very sensitive to the things we say or do they just don’t say anything about it.

Be an investor in your home. Maximise the profit and minimise the expenditures in your home. Be a proverbs 31 woman. Stop feeling inadequate, always try and learn to be confident,you don’t know how learn and build it up, it makes your man proud of you knowing that you can hold up your own. Learn to love yourself at all timestages but over do it. Take good care of you, look good all the time but don’t use this as an excuse . walk around half naked in the name of being of fashionable.  A married woman style of dressing is totally different from that of a single woman.

Be a redeemed woman. A redeemed woman should always see herself as wonderfully made,costly to create,expensive to maintain and to be tossed about like some old rag by strange doctrines. Always equip yourself,learn new thinags be it interior decor,gardening, baking,cooking etc just keep building up yourself and one day sooner than you know it you might be put on the spot by your husband and you will be glad you did so.

Endeavour to always be a complete woman and see the Christmas in you always. Learn to be comfortable with who you are,what you are.Always be well kept, put together at all times. Use deodorants,body spray,perfume which ever one you desire but make sure you smell of and see and exude sensuality always.

Always forgive yourself first ,forgive your husband, your kids,your in laws,your family in general and your friends every time they offend you,because that is how the inner depression begins.

Stop being wasteful. I know a lot of women are very wasteful. Give that remaining fold to someone, give those clothes,shoes and bags out stop hoarding them. Buy what you need always. Don’t do spontaneous shopping. Be more organised and orderly. Put your anger and temper under control and always discuss issues with your husband before things get blown out proportion.

In conclusion, on  friendly note,always choose your friends wisely.






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