Woman!Know thy self!Part3

Marital Beauty

Well with reference to the above subject title,this is the continuing series on how the woman is to handle the romantic War inside her home.

As we already know from the previous posts that the man likes to be worshipped, women should also know that by default  the man was created to be very calculated. He calculates his each and every move, that’s why he does not just jump up and go or jump up and do any thing you say or do because he has to first weigh every move,idea,suggestion etc. Mean while the woman is very spontaneous. She is quick to shop.talk,act or do anything else and sometimes without thinking it through first she just ups and goes. Woman act just like ESTHER in the bible. If there is need for it depending on the brevity of the challenge at hand, I suggest you declare a FAST or go spiritual by way of prayers and fasting first about and over anything; talk, discussion or suggestions or anything you want to do with your husband so that,that way you would have cleared the air and sought clearance from a higher power God. Please ladies, always make it a point to ask God for directions and instructions on everything and all things at all times.

Woman! There ain’t nothing wrong with you giving your husband a treat everyday, every week or  every month, the choice is yours. Make your house a place of ceremonies.  Prepare your meals like you are having a party, a buffet or a three course meal, point being that you should always make sure there is something unique,something different every time to always remind him of why you are his missing rib.

A woman was formed out of a man so that cancels inferiority complex. There is no room for competition. There is no power struggle between a man and a woman. You are unique,that’s why you have no duplicate.

The man needs the woman to replicate himself here on earth. The contest began in the garden of Eden according to the bible that is why Eve did not seek consent from Adam before accepting the apple from the serpent. There is a fight for equal rights between the man and woman. Stop the fight for equal rights, his your husband now and not the opposition.  You are both on the same team now. Woman learn how and what to do to mane your husband and he can not do anything or function with out you. Make yourself a print in the heart of your husband.

I can not over emphasise the issue of prayers. Prayer has a subtle way of solving all things no matter how bad you think or feel the challenge is. Always rehearse your lines before you speak or do anything. Know when to give in and when to take charge.

Marriage is interesting, beautiful and sweet. Always package or present yourself in such away that you do not need to say anything. For example – Esther in the bible. She took charge, controlled, dominated, took over without loosing her feminity.  Stop talking loud for goodness sake. You do not have to shout or nag for your husband to hear you.

Prayer is the only weapon that nothing contends with. Use it. It is the inferiority complex of a woman that makes her ruin her home, get rid of that complex because you do not need it anymore. Always pray for your husband and bless him at all times.

Try all or some of these suggestions and advices and you will be amazed at the magic that will transform your home over a period of time. I will be back with the continuing series of this topic, for now enjoy this episode.





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