As a married woman you reserve the right to look good in whatever way you choose to.

Personally I think and feel it’s  all about the way the woman packages and presents herself that’s what makes the difference between a girlfriend, mistress and wife. Above you see some pictures of women wearing different styles. I do not belong to that school of thought that because the woman is married she has to change from being herself to being someone else,hell no!

First and foremost you saw something in her that attracted you before you decided to get to know her,build a relationship then marry her. Why should all that change? Yes I agree her last name has changed but then the human being has not changed.

Secondly she liked to fix nail extensions,hair extensions,eye lashes etc, and you didn’t have any issues with her doing that while you were dating her so what happened now that you are married to her to demand her stopping all of that?

Thirdly you used to like her wearing all those skimpy clothes at home while you were dating what changed now that you demand her wearing turtleneck and overalls all  to ensure she’s all covered up?

Generally  I believe it is the man who is insecure (no hard feelings to the guys) is the one who always comes up with all sorts of ways to make the woman look and feel inadequate simply because he has some serious ego issues he’s not been able to resolve and so takes it out on the woman because he now sees her has he is trophy,his property!his possession to do with whatever pleases him,while the confident man doesn’t mind all that instead he goes out of his way to ensure his wife looks good and beautiful at all times both in and out of the home.

Ladies, married or single do your  thing. Wear what you like that you are comfortable in. Look sexy, be sexy but always ask yourself these questions -what type of crowd do I hope to attract by my dressing? What kind of complements will I be receiving from people? What’s the occasion and what best suits that occasion? What does my husband think about my dressing? How does it make him feel?

Part of the strategy on how and what to do to keep your marriage and your home is the one and only rule- love your husband like your first baby,treat him like the king he is and always do things that will remind him of the reason,what and how he fell in love with you and chose you to be his wife! Always give him a good reason to come home to mama and that’s YOU!


Thanks everyone.

Leave your comments below what ever you agree or disagree.


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