The man and the woman in marriage.

In marriage two people come together to live under the same roof as one family believing that they are in love. At some point I love you no longer holds water because the true person you married is out of the bag. In this case the woman is the party expected to make all necessary adjustmeets and if need be walk around her husband on egg shells so to speak.

Most often than not the woman ends up being the silent warrior, fight all battles brought before her from work, in laws, friends, society and the environment at large.

The woman like the man has a right to loose her cool,she has the right to be vocal and she can also do some if not all the things the man does. Why is it that the man can cheat ando get away with it and the wife is expected to forgive him for it and move on with the marriage no hard feelings, but when it’s woman who cheated ,why doesn’t the man forgive and move on?

In our society today especially in Nigeria,when a child is raised well the ghetto father is given the credit for it in as much as most often the man is hardly ever around,did not contribute to the growth and development of that child, but when the child is irresponsible and wayward the mother is being blamed for it . Nobody remembers the sleepless night spent worrying,the energy spent trying to ensure the child has almost all he she needs,not wanting the child to feel the absence of the father. Does all that count?

Whatever your opinion leave your comments below and I will get back to you.




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